"A Rebel with Paws?"
The dog who could not be trained.​

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Ultimate Dog Training
Dog Training in New Jersey that works!
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  • Would you like a calm dog?  
  • Can having a dog that listens better make your life easier?
  • Will you enjoy walking your dog more if they just stopped pulling?
  • Do normal distractions keep your dog from paying attention to you?​
  • ​​Have you found a training program that truly simplifies your life?
​If you are you looking to have a better control with your dog, then choose 
dog training that works!          ​

We guarantee your dogs' behavior will begin to improve in the very first session!
  • Dogs seek calm leadership - become what they need!
  • Give your dog the confidence to know when they are "Following the leader!"
  • ​See what a few minutes of clear and calm learning can offer your dog today!​

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Dog training in New Jersey  for over 30 years. Located in Toms River and serving Ocean County from Brick to Manahawkin.
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Ultimate Dog Training
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We believe in the natural brilliance of our dogs!  Our goal is helping them succeed with the important A.B.C's. of a dogs' learning:  Attention - Behavior - Control.
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