Is your dog a
"Rebel with Paws?"

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Ultimate Dog Training
Dog Training in New Jersey that works!
​      The best dog training in Ocean County, NJ!           

New Jersey Dog Training that works!


Does your dog thinks its' name is, "NO!"  

Do you repeat yourself multiple times trying to get any response?​​
​Are you looking to have a better conversation with your dog?

Does "come here" mean run away fast?​​   

Put calm and sanity back into your daily life!
  • does your dog not listen to you especially around distraction?
  • is going for a walk not enjoyable due to pulling?
  • have you tried other training programs
    with little results and a dog that still pulls, jumps, chews and barks?




All of our dog training programs guarantee your dogs' behavior will improve:

  • listening even around distraction!
  • walking more calmly and comfortably on leash.
  • begin to become be a calm and relaxed pet
  • greet company with a polite demeanor 

  •     We can help you have that calm well behaved companion and give your the freedom to enjoy them.
                                                                                        ​ ​​​


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    Dog training in New Jersey  for over 30 years. Located in Toms River and serving Ocean County from Brick to Manahawkin.
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    We teach you the A.B.C. of dog ownership:      Attention - Behavior - Control.